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Form Design and Custom jQuery Selectors

May 3, 2010
Episode 23

Nick goes over the basics of web form design and Jim shows you step by step how to create a custom jQuery selector.

Landing Pages and JavaScript Closures

Apr 26, 2010
Episode 22

This week, Nick explores some new trends in landing page design and Jim unravels the mysteries of JavaScript closures.

Color Theory and jQuery Events

Apr 19, 2010
Episode 21

Nick goes over the basics of color theory and Jim explains the differences between bind, live, and delegate, in jQuery.

Information Hierarchy and Feature Detection

Apr 12, 2010
Episode 20

Nick explores an intersection between information architecture and semantic markup called "Information Hierarchy" and Jim demonstrates feature detection with Modernizr.

Design Patterns and JavaScript Minification

Apr 5, 2010
Episode 19

Nick takes a look at a few design patterns and Jim shows you how to shrink down your JavaScript files.

CSS3 Selectors and JavaScript's "this"

Mar 29, 2010
Episode 18

Nick continues coverage of selectors and demonstrates what's new in CSS3. Then, Jim demystifies the "this" variable in JavaScript.

JSONP and CSS Selectors (Part 1)

Mar 22, 2010
Episode 17

Jim shows you how to call 3rd party web services using JSONP and Nick goes over some basic CSS selectors. Next week, Nick will cover the selectors that are new in CSS3.

CSS3 Columns and jQuery Plugins

Mar 15, 2010
Episode 16

Nick deconstructs CSS multi-column layouts and Jim shows you step-by-step how to create your very own jQuery plugin.

CSS3 Borders and HTML5 Sections

Mar 8, 2010
Episode 15

Jim and Nick are back in the studio, exploring new border properties in CSS3 and breaking down a few of the two dozen new HTML5 tags, starting with sections, article, asides, headers, and footers.

FOWA Miami 2010, Behind the Scenes

Mar 1, 2010
Episode 14

On this special episode of Doctype, Nick and Jim go behind the scenes of FOWA Miami 2010 and talk to some of the best in the biz, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Hunter, Steve Huffman, John Resig, Alex Payne, and more.